How to Measure Almond Flour


Almond flour is a great gluten-free, grain-free flour, but it can be a bit tricky to measure consistently. I tested a couple different methods for this post. One cup measured with the spoon and sweep method I learned in home ec (spooning the flour into the measuring cup and leveling off the top with a knife) weighed 77 to 84 grams. Scooping with the measuring cup and leveling off the top weighed 91 to 92 grams. Measuring by lightly packing like brown sugar resulted in 108 to 112 grams and firmly packing the almond flour resulted in 115 to 120 grams. So you can see how you measure your almond flour can really affect how a recipe turns out.

I always weigh almond flour when baking. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set your dry ingredient bowl on a digital scale then turn it on. It should read 0 grams.
  2. Pour almond flour into bowl until you reach the desired weight.
  3. Put away the scale and add the rest of your dry ingredients.

Your almond flour is accurately measured – no measuring cup to wash!


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  1. Kayla says

    That’s great and everything, but how much should one cup of almond flour weigh? It’s hard to use weight as a measure if you are unsure how to convert from cups to grams.

    • says

      Great question, Kayla! When using a recipe that doesn’t provide the weight, I start with 100 grams per cup and add more almond flour if needed.
      Most recipe developers will use either 100 grams or 4 ounces (113 grams) per cup. So starting with 100 grams per cup and adding more almond flour if needed usually works.

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